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The Band

Originally a "family act," OBB - The Owens Brothers Band was formally created to perform during the 2014 SeegerFest celebrating the lives and work of Pete & Toshi Seeger.  


The experience was thrilling -- including performing at Lincoln Center outdoors in front of thousands of people.  The band decided to keep moving forward.


Now, OBB continues to thrill and inspire audiences with great original songs and exciting arrangements of classics.


The core of OBB:


- Chris Owens - Vocals, keyboards, recorders

- Geoffrey Owens - Vocals, guitar, viola

- Millard "Mitty" Owens - Vocals, percussion


- Anthony Gaddy - Guitar

- Barry Kornhauser - Cello, Guitar

- Darryl Clark - Bass

- Douglas Murphy - Guitar

- Kelly Skaller - Vocals

- Selah Eric Spruiell - Vocals, Percussion

- Wendy Ward - Vocals





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