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Friday the 13th! Date Night! :)

Greetings, my friends!

We hope that everyone has had a happy Spring thus far!

It's so hard to find something to do on Friday the 13th, isn't it?

So how about joining the Owens Brothers Band for our debut club performance at Leftfield on Ludlow! We will be rockin' some original songs ... and premiering a Prince tribute as well.

OBB-The Owens Brothers Band is just getting started! We need at least 15 people to join us. We hope you will be one of them. Witness history in the making -- and make the history! :)

Click here to get the details:

And while you are there, please sign up to be on our mailing list (bottom of the webpage) and LIKE our Facebook page!

Finally, to contact me about music matters, please use this email address:

Thank you for your support!


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