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2016 has been a great year for OBB - Owens Brothers Band! We have played good music, enjoyed our rehearsals and gigs, met great people while playing numerous gigs, and we have had a great time with each other.

Most recently, we played a wonderful set at The People's Voice Cafe on September 24th (you should check out this great New York experience taking place every Saturday night). We made a special appearance last Friday (10/14) as part of a tribute to our father at the 2nd Social Justice Awards Dinner presented by the Central Brooklyn Martin Luther King Commission.

But we are wrapping up this calendar year with a final big gig at Desmond's Tavern next Saturday, October 22nd from 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM! The group will be Mitty Owens, Darryl Clark, Selah Spruiell, Wendy Ward, Ned Matura, Jay Katz, and Jonathan Hoffman ... and we are ready to rock the message!

As always, we will be performing our original songs as well as some fun covers. I am dedicating this show to my recently departed boss, Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson, who was doing great work when he passed away last week. Come join me for this salute; the first 20 people who arrive at Desmond's will receive a free drink!!!

What's next for OBB? We will be going into the studio to record some of our songs for circulation. What are your favorite OBB songs? Which song should we record first? Send us an email with your selections!

I hope you are having a great Fall and I thank you for a great OBB year. See you Saturday!

P.S. - We are approaching 500 "LIKES" on our Facebook page! Help us get there and beyond by LIKE-ING our page right now!

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