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Rockin' New Hampshire

OBB performed last night at The World Fellowship Center in Albany, New Hampshire (near North Conway). It was an honor to perform there and we appreciated the appreciative audience!

The band was a "stripped down" group -- five members -- and the result was a relaxed, fun performance. My thanks to brothers Geoffrey and Millard and to colleagues Barry Kornhauser and Selah Eric Spruiell for making the long trek and having a good time as well!

We missed our female vocalists, however, and I freely admit that songs written in keys for them don't work as well for me! :)

This performance featured the band's premiere of two works. First was "Home Again," originally written to celebrate the release of Nelson Mandela and the return of Haitian President Jean-Bertrande Aristide, and "Black Man" -- brother Geoffrey's rewrite of The Beatles' "Tax Man" as an ode to President Obama. It's powerful ... and funny!

The premieres will continue at our next gig on Friday, August 19th!

See you there!

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