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An Upper West Side Blast - OBB Gig #2

Greetings, all!

Thank you to those who joined us at the West End Lounge last night for our second OBB gig -- particularly since it turned out to be a late night! :)

We were a bit crowded on stage (and we didn't even have a drummer) and there were some logistical issues with the venue, but, by most accounts, we sounded decent and everyone had a good time. Most importantly, this gig featured the debut of three new OBB performers -- vocalist Wendy Ward, guitarist Doug Murphy, and keyboard player Jay Katz. In Ms. Ward's case, this gig was her very first performance as a vocalist with a band!

Our set started with "Peace Like A River," as we usually do. "Man O'War" followed, and then "Azania" (a new addition), the perennial favorite "Poverty Sucks", another new addition in the form of a new version of "Black-Eyed Susan", and then "Love Is The Way." We ended the evening with an abridged version of our Prince Tribute Medley!

I'd like to thank those folks who took pictures and videos. (Thanks go to my friend and neighbor Tammy Pittman for the nice shot above!) I also encourage audience members to send us an email with your particular feedback on the show or any aspect of the show.

Our next New York City performance will be on Friday, August 19th at Leftfield On Ludlow -- our second time performing their. Keep checking this website for details. We hope to see you there.


Chris Owens

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